Saturday, 15 January 2011

One Legged Steve - Spooky Tales Collection

There is an old pirate called 'One Legged Steve'

Who lives in the same part of town that I do

There’s a sad sorry tale behind the strange name

And the reason that Stephen needs only one shoe!

Was it eaten by sharks?


Lost in the park?


Dropped down a well that was cold, wet and dark?


The truth is more scarier, and really quite sad

And once you have heard it, you may understand

How this unlucky pirate, who wasn’t all bad

Never again, set foot off dry land.

Are you with me my crew? (arrgh)

Well listen close

And I’ll tell you of One Legged Steve and the Ghost

To find out what happens to Captain Steve, download "Spooky Tales" available very soon.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year,

Sorry the post's have been a bit on the sparse side recently, but my attentions have been elsewhere.  For starters, I took Myles and Ryan into the studio just before Christmas and laid down the vocals for two tracks, which can now be presented to higher beings and hopefully re-launch their careers as teenage heart throbs...

Early reviews mainly from my wife and girls indicate that the first track is a winner ( needs a bit of polish on it ) and that the second track is even better... (this has to be a first-for my wife to like any of my music).  Unfortunately due to having to make space for the Christmas tree and decorations, my keyboard had to be mothballed for the festive season and that put an end to my musical creativity.  However, I did manage to write the bones of several more tracks on the computer and even penned three new sets of lyrics of various genres. 

Steve Garry caught 'man flu' just before Christmas and didn't manage to get to the studio to record the narratives of Spooky Tales, but that is on track for the following week.  I did have a go at making a little trailer for the book to get a bit of interest going.  Its going to be a very large year for the HPM and other projects, ....finally