Friday, 20 January 2012


With both feet firmly in 2012, I have decided to concentrate on trying to get a more permanent source of income to help get all these projects moving again.  

Jim sent me the final pictures for the first book over the weekend and I manages to get the book ready in time for Monday.   Unfortunately,  Kath didn't like our choice of characters and images which means that we are going to have to go back to the drawing board, literally. Even though it was a disappointment, it was unrealistic to expect to get it right on the first attempt.

The HPM on the other hand has enjoyed several stints at number 1 in the picture book charts and even Be Careful Ethel has managed to get to number 3.  The ebook market for younger readers is still in it's infancy even though ebooks themselves amount to 35% of sales.

Urmston Bookshop received several copies of the HPM just before Christmas and have invited me to give a reading on the 28th of January.  As it's the first one of the year I hope that some of you can come along to and listen to some old favourites. I am hoping that I will have another story all ready by then...

As you may have noticed, our old website is sick at the moment and we are working on getting the new website up and running as soon as we can.  There are even rumours of a fab HPM game specially made for the website. (but I couldn't possibly comment at this stage.) plus a host of other exciting features.