Saturday, 6 August 2016

Feeling like a real writer now!!!!

As the delivery man slowly pulled away leaving me with 43 boxes of The Pot-Bellied Cook, a massive wave of relief washed over me - I did it!!!

 I now have that elusive second book - a physical hard copy of my story, 6 years in the making and with my name on the front cover.

Thank-you's are due to:

Carol Leith for her excellent illustrations which I hope I did justice to.

Kerrie F - The original inspiration for the story based solely on her figure during the last trimester of her pregnancy and her sadly departed 'three-legged dog', Colin.

Dawn M - Aka Old Purple Dawn, formerly the 'Purple Bint' for letting me use her alter ego as the muse for the Pot-Bellied Cook/

Robin G - For his time in the early stages of the project

Sue E - For offering advice on a few phrases in the story

Kim E - For the early outline illustrations years and years ago.

And the team at Stephens and George Printers down in Merthr Tydfil for producing such a great product.

So now its time to sell them - 

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