Monday, 25 January 2016

So what's the name of your book?


With just days to go before the submission to the printers, the name of the book has changed once again.

It started out as -        The Pot-Bellied Cook and the Three Legged Dog

it then became -                The Pot-Belly Cook and the Three Legged Dog

and now it's just -       The Pot-Bellied Cook  

With the book about to go to print, my attentions are slowly turning towards marketing and promotion, getting into schools and libraries and generally taking over the airwaves. 

 Naturally the website is having another makeover, with the addition of a few animated graphics  and a bit more going on in the background.  Typically my ambitions far exceed my capabilities and the site isn't exactly where I want it but time is on my side. 

  For the moment the Home Page looks like this, the alignment is still slightly "skewiff" but the page has a lot more life to it.  Over time, the animation will improve - as will the lack of content on the pages.