Thursday, 19 July 2012

HPM can produce your ebooks for sale.


Publish your book with HPM Media!!!

Written by Carol Leith
Published by HPM Media Ltd
ISBN 9780956332080

This brilliant debut novel from Carol Leith achieved a very credible 12th in the Waterstones children's ebook charts in its first week of release.  (out of over 9,000 other titles.  Check out what the author said about our service:

"What an amazing day here in Combpyne. We love living here it's a very special place. Made even better with the help of Leighroy Marsh who has done a better job than any publisher I have ever known,and I have known many....1,000 people worked at Dorling Kindersley when I worked there but the bespoke service from HPM media was unparalleled. Cheers Leighroy"

We are not a big company with a "big website that promises the earth and as we have found to our own cost, delivers little in terms of quality and service".  Instead we prefer to take our time in getting it right. 

Yes, we will charge for our publishing service, but in return you will get a high quality product, delivered back to you both in EPUB format and Kindle. Or you can let us  take care of the publishing side and register your book complete with a unique ISBN number before uploading your books to and Amazon.

As you may have gathered we are new to this, hence only one testimonial.  However, it is a real testimonial written by a real person who wrote a real book - and they are very happy with our service.  You will be too!

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