Saturday, 30 July 2016

Gone to print.......

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After what seems like a lifetime sat in front of the computer - I can finally report back that The Pot-Bellied Cook has been signed off as is under print even as I write.

The official publication date is August 8th 2016 with  the books being scheduled for delivery at my house on the 5th August.

Those of you who have already preordered should receive them shortly into the following week together with a free copy of The Hairy Plug Monster with our compliments.

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It would be nice to rest on my laurels having finally brought the book to market the hard part begins - telling people that it's there, and convincing them to buy my book.

The website needs another revamp - adding more content; offers, merchandise - information,  getting reviews, school visits and finally to start on new writing and publishing projects.  (all of which have been put on the back burner while I concentrated on bringing The Pot Bellied Cook to life.)

Having had a small amount of success with The Hairy Plug Monster followed by an extended period of 'nothingness', I have realised that it is important to keep the momentum going, on top of making sure my day job as a garden designer doesn't suffer and the other projects I am working on (like learning the accordion, getting a beehive) and such still manage to come to fruition.