Thursday, 21 February 2013


Adrian the owner of Stutter Records finally came good on his word and included 'Untouchable' on the Electric 101 ep.  Which means after an absence of 21 years I have another release to add to my collection. 

Obviously you'll all want to share in this piece of musical history so I have included the link below: 

In other music news, I have been shortlisted to appear at a festival in May and although I wont know for sure until the end of March, I have prepared myself mentally for one humongous knees'up. 

It's abroad as well, so it will be just like the good old days in St Petersburg when I would rave away  early hours in a converted nuclear bomb shelter. 

Mind you I can still talk a good rave, but in practice I am not sure if the flesh is strong enough even though the spirit still is.  (This coming from a man who put his back out dancing 'Ghangnam Style' the other week.)

I am pretty confident that I will give a damn good account of myself if I get the chance and just hope that the nerves don't get the better of me.

Strangely enough, when I am performing my stories, I never get nervous at all, I move about the floor - making eye contact, playing to the crowd etc.  Put me behind my keyboard however, and there seems to be a massive disconnection between myself and the audience.  

This is probably what put me off playing live in the first place.

Anyway May is a long way off and I have a host of things to occupy myself with until then.