Monday, 24 February 2014

Back with a bang

Pot-bellied Cook and the Three legged Dog (1st rough draft)

I know it's been half a year since I last wrote anything of note - but sometimes life gets in the way and there is nothing you can do about it.  However, over the coming weeks and months I am going make up for lost time by constantly bombarding you with blogs and updates about my new book -

 The Pot-bellied Cook and the Three-legged dog.

Our brilliant illustrator Carol completed the last of the the images in December and normally I would have jumped straight into the project and the book would be well under way.  Alas, life's never easy and one hard drive and operating system replacement later I am finally in the position to start laying out the book and get it ready to print.

It's almost been 5 years since we assembled The Hairy Plug Monster and a lot of the knowledge I picked up then has been buried under piles of other useful/less information.

I seem to remember that every minute detail of producing the HPM took hours of procrastinating, discussion and arguing before we were finally happy with the layout and I think that the PBC is not going to be any different.