Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I wonder how many other writers have characters squatting in their heads with no real story to go to?

 I had an abrupt remainder of how much there is to forget on CS4 if you stop using some of the functions for a while.   I decided to make a start on the layout of The Pot-bellied Cook  (PBC) yesterday, thinking that I could rattle off a front cover in next to no time.  Alas, it wasn't to be - I had a case of  'tab-mnesia'  (where you open up a software program and cant remember where everything is or what everything does.) Almost a day later I came up with a basic layout for the title page. Of course the final cover probably  won't look anything like this but it's a start.
The PBC should be ready for release in the summer but these things are never exact.  The good news is that I have a feeling the first print run will be gobbled up by many of the schools I visited a few years ago, (which should give my flagging confidence a boost no end.)
With all my energies going into my job and publishing, there never seems to be any time any more to write anything.  I have several fragments of stories rattling around in my head, some of which should be expanded and others which need to be evicted quite soon. 
I wonder how many other writers have characters and half tales, squatting in their heads with no real story to go to and only a few sentences to call their own?
One such brainsquatter is my elusive first novel 'Sleepwalkers' which is currently being relocated to a half way house.  I have given myself the slightly realistic target of 18 months from start to rewrite and eventual publishing. This is the goal, and not being the natual free flowing writer that I should be by now, I am going to have to invest some quality time and just sit down and plan it out chapter by chapter.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Introduisant Le Monstre Glou Glou


Le Monstre Glou Glou 

translated by Vanessa Steifvater.
My assault on the global ebook market continued this week with the publication of  The HPM in French - and exclusively for Kindle readers for all devices.