Sunday, 21 November 2010

Jodie Muir joins the team as Spooky Stories is prepared for the studio

Another eventful week saw the first public reading of Zombelina by Steve Garry to school children at St. Andrew's Primary School and by all accounts it went pretty well. 

 Now the filming commitments for Rough and Ready look to be over for the time being, the focus is now on getting the much awaited Spooky Stories recorded and released as an audio book a.s.a.p.

Jodie Muir has joined the team to conjure up the initial artwork for the audio book with a view to illustrating the book on its release in the coming year.

   Here are her  initial rough submissions for Zombelina and the Toymaster which capture the mood perfectly.  The dates for recording have not been finalised yet, but we expect to have the majority ready before the end of the year with the aim to releasing them as downloads at the beginning of Spring.  After spending most of the past year promoting Spooky Stories by stealth I am anticipating quite a good reception - especially for the long awaited "Golden Arm". 

Here is the listing for Spooky Stories so far:

There is Something wrong with Grandad
Miss Carr's Pies
Golden Arm
The Commander-in-Chief-of-the-World
Show and Tell
One Legged Steve

All of which are gems in their own right

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