Monday, 30 May 2011

The Hairy Plug Monster.....

Having seemingly fallen out of love with the local schools (after all it has been quite a while since the launch of the HPM), I was delighted to have a call from Sue Edwards, the nursery teacher at Arden Primary School - who asked if  I would like to return and read to her class, naturally I jumped at the chance especially as it meant I could spend the day there and perform to all the age groups and get some feedback on Be Careful Ethel.

The whole day was fantastic as class after class welcomed me back like a long lost friend, (so I must have made quite an impression on my previous visit).  I performed 7 readings throughout the day selecting my material depending on the class,  unsurprisingly the younger children wanted to hear about the adventures of The Hairy Plug Monster, while the more mature pupils demanded that I scared the 'bejeezus' out of them with Golden Arm, One Legged Steve and There's Something Wrong with Grandad - naturally I obliged.

I almost blushed with pride when one of the teachers proudly showed me her video that she made of The Hairy Plug Monster with narration and everything, and said that it was a firm favourite with herself and all the class. 

Be Careful Ethel went down a storm, so it looks like we may have another winner on our hands.  As they say on the 'telly' - "Let's go to work".

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