Monday, 17 October 2011

Image of the Hunter from the story "The Child on the Hill"

The Child on the Hill
I received another illustration from Jodie to accompany the story "The Child on the Hill" recently and I love it.  It shows the hunter and proud father of a newborn son resting by a tree, while in the distance the stag watches in sorrow.  Until now, I have been quite secretive about this tale; showing no-one apart from my daughter Arisha - and when she read it - she cried!. 

This in itself is quite a compliment, as The Child on the Hill is meant to be sad.  It's not shocking or close to the knuckle; there's no blood or gore; nobody dies a gruesome death and there's nothing overtly supernatural about it.  It deals more with parental love and the hope and dreams that one has for their children. 

It was originally based  on an old Japanese tale I once read in an equally old book that I bought for 5 pence at a school jumble sale( that's what they were called in those days.)

Even though the final draft of my story bears no resemblance to the original, I should still credit it as inspiration.  However, I have spent quite a few hours trying to find this story again on the internet but haven't had any luck.

In addition to illustrating The Child on the Hill, Jodie has also agreed to do the illustrations for Golden Arm and One-Legged Steve and in return I am going to turn her impressive portfolio into a separate stand alone ebook complete with ISBN number  et al ready for sale on t'internet. 

The Pot Bellied Cook and the Three Legged Dog

Kim has sent over several rough images for The Pot Bellied Cook and the Three Legged Dog which I shall start work on in November.  The finished book should have the same look and palette as Be Careful Ethel.

In an old wooden tavern, quite close to a bog
Lives a pot bellied cook and a three legged dog
He spends all his days making green smelly cheese
While the three legged dog sits and scratches his fleas

High up in a tower, lives the Old Purple Bint
Who drinks nothing but smoothies of onion and mint
She grows all her food in a pair of old boots
And makes soap from the juice of the dandelion root

As I mentioned in an ealier blog - the inspiration for this poem came from several sources, The cook was based on a heavily pregnant friend and the three legged dog was her pride and joy - Colin the whippet who had recently survived cancer at the cost of his leg. 

Secondly - one of the first people to buy the Hairy Plug Monster, also blogs and tweets under the name 'The Purple Bint'  (worth more than a cursory visit), and I said  would include her character in a poem.  

In these days of being 360 degrees PC, it would be unwise to use the word 'Bint' given all the derogatory connotations so over the  last week she has undergone a makeover  and has been re branded The Old Purple Leach.  (sometimes you have to compromise for the greater good)

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