Saturday, 20 February 2010

More tales from the book tour.

With Arisha and Maya being on holiday (again) and all the schools joining them, it was a quiet week for the Hairy Plug Monster. Although, having said that, we did spend an enjoyable Monday in Halton just outside of Runcorn at the Halton Brook Children's Centre and the Brookvale Children's Centre to give readings of the book.

Again the reading went well, and again the parents and children seemed to love it. The day was rounded off quite nicely with a craft session where the children made their very own Hairy Plug Monster out of play dough, wool and glitter. (I did have a go myself, but my efforts were pretty poor, it must be said).

The rest of the week was spent taking the dog for a walk in the daytime, around various parts of the Peak District, and together with Maya and Arisha, we built several shelters in Lyme Park out of branches and leaves....a-la Ray Mears.

Saturday, was again devoted to spreading the word of the HPM with an invitation to give a reading at the newly opened Young Children's section at Bolton Central Library, where I had a really enjoyable afternoon reading to the " young Boltonians" and chatting to the library staff, who seemed very enthusiastic about the book and my other verse. For anyone who hasn't been to Bolton Central Library and finds themselves in the vicinity - it is well worth a look. Especially the Aquarium on the basement floor. ( The museum on the first floor is closed until November 2010, but there is more than enough going on to keep you occupied for a few hours in the rest of the building.)

After reading the book and a few other poems to anyone who would listen, and having a chat with Rebecca and Iklas - a couple of young aspiring writers. I made my way to Didsbury and my second booking of the day Razma Reads. where I hosted story time to a packed bookstore.

The Childrens Literature specialist, Razma Reads was the perfect place to spend a chilly February afternoon in the company Claire, the owner and her staff and after refuelling at the in-store coffee bar I was more than ready to read the HPM again for her clients.

I was even accosted by another children's writer who was in the same position that I was in 15 months ago, with a story that he wanted to turn into a book and wanted to know the best way of going about it. So after a good long chat, he hopefully left with a better idea of what needed to be done.

I did leave him with the disclaimer that I was by no means an expert, and only have one book published a the moment, so my experience in the big wide world of publishing "may count for diddly".

However if he does see the project through - I expect a mention somewhere in his book, ( you know who you are.)

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