Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Hairy Plug Monster is .....Still doing it

I went on the radio (again) to promote my World Cup Song   Do it Again (in 2010) last Thursday, and apart from being pulled up on the fact that 'Lions' doesn't really rhyme with 'Crying',  It seemed to go o.k.  

(I think though that XFM may have got wise to the fact that occasionally I will send a text in for a song or just to make comment on the radio and sign it The Hairy Plug Monster, which gives the children's book another free mention).  They seemed very reluctant to ask me what I did for a living - as if they already knew the answer.  However not all the DJ's are that savvy,  I did manage to get Clint Boon, formerly of the Inspiral Carpets and now the afternoon DJ on XFM Radio to mention The Hairy Plug Monster about three times in the same show using my marketing guerrilla tactics.

The song itself has made it though to the next stage and is available to listen to by clicking on the link and leaving a comment underneath  www.xfm.co.uk/onair/shows/manchester/xfms-england-house-band-mondays-selection   

The more comments we get then the more of a chance we will have of getting through to the final.  As I see it, it is between Me and two others;  Shine on England and the Accumulator.  If I had to choose between the two of them I would probably give the edge to Shine on England....so now its a waiting game until they announce the finalists towards the end of May.

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