Sunday, 18 July 2010

Children's Literacy Workshops

The literacy workshop went better than I could have ever imagined. Not being a teacher, I wasn't quite sure on the form it was going to take, but it became apparent straight away that providing you have good material and the pupils want to be there, the workshop will work itself.

 Pupils from years 4,5 and six were chosen to listen to the readings of The Hairy Plug Monster and the other stories and ask questions just like in previous readings.  However, for the last half an hour I read them the opening verses of "Miss Carr's pies" and then invited them to construct the next verse themselves working in small groups.

I was very impressed with the work that they did with more than one group not only constructing some brilliant prose but  also getting the "meter" as well. 

I think as well that the subject matter was appealing and they came up with many ingenious ways of disposing of a body in a pie. 

Hi Leighroy

Thank you very much for your visit yesterday. The children really enjoyed it and were full of enthusiasm for poetry in the afternoon. I asked some of them to write a sentence about what they thought. I hope this is useful to you.

I loved listening to the poems which told a story and enjoyed finishing his poem for him. It was interesting. .....Ellie C Year 6

The hairy plug monster was cool and I loved the spooky poems. I didn't think i'd jump when he told us we would but I did. Leeroy was brilliant he's a cool author. .....Haris Year 5

It was very kind of you to go into school. Your storys were great. I car't wait till zombliner comes out. Car't wait to see you at oxfam.

Georgia Year 4

I enjoyed listening to the hairy plug monster . it made me jump in the golden arm story.I had a really good time.thank you ....... Maya year 4

Thank you for your time


Diane Diamond

It came as no surprise that "Golden Arm" was a clear favourite, although the first few verses of Zombelina also went down really well.  Due to the time though, I wasn't able to finish - much to the dismay of the class.

Going of the response from Cheadle Primary School it may be another way forward for reaching a larger audience. 

And now for the sales pitch at the end of the blog....(in the form of an email spam letter)

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Thank you

Leighroy Marsh

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