Saturday, 31 July 2010

Is the HPM right for the BBC....... hell yeah!!!!!

In terms of success for the HPM, I would place this week pretty high on the list.  Starting off with a low key Monday spent mostly ringing round stockists.  I did sign a music publishing deal with Gulliver Music Publishing, which should bring in some royalties if some big multi national company want to use my music to advertise their " stuff".

 I woke up early on Tuesday to appear on the coffee hour at BBC Radio Manchester.   This time I gave a better account of myself and had more confidence when placed on the spot to give opinions about diets, sibling rivalry and nettles.  Hopefully I will get the chance to go on again, and again, and again....

Being a writer, isn't a lucrative job, and the time has come to go out and find a proper job, because after almost two years since its creation, the HPM is still bubbling under the radar. So on Wednesday, I had an interview with a firm that were advertising management positions  pah!!!!

It became immediately apparent that this wasn't the job for me...not that I am work shy but one thing I could never do is knock on the doors of the innocent and ask them to sign up for something that they don't want.  Its a pity though that when people advertise jobs they don't tell the whole truth.

This didn't put me off looking though, and on Thursday I applied for a job as a museum supervisor.  To land a job like that would be perfect for me, especially as the museum is adjacent to the gallery as well.  I will know next week if my application was good enough to at least get me an interview.  I was also asked to apply for a job as a call centre manager in Stoke...which I did, not because I love call centres - but it would give me the financial leg up to clear some debt and also give me 1 hour commuting everyday on the train, where I should still be able to write.

Later on Thursday I received an email from a lady called Mavis.... it seems that Kul had met her in a shop and passed over a book to her.  More importantly, she then passed the book over to her daughter - Michelle, who works as a researcher for Blue Peter.  The e-mail went like this

"Just so you know I am going to be doing a Cbeebies storytelling session at half 8 tomorrow morning.
Its where I sit with a group of kids and tell them all a story. I'm going to tell them the story of the hairy plug monster."

Michelle then went on to say,

" I will make sure I read it with loads of expression / enthusiasm and gauge how they react to the story and the pictures. I'm sure they will like it. They gave me some other books to chose from but The Hairy Plug Monster is best hands down."..

I am waiting for feedback from the even and will let you know. 

On the downside however, Zombie Aid 3 has been cancelled due building work at the proposed site, but the planned walk in October is still going ahead.

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