Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The pen is mightier than the parking ticket

You may remember that in a previous blog, I mentioned that I got a parking ticket for slightly overstaying the limit by 8 minutes, due to me staying a little while longer to give a reading at the Oxfam shop.  I was relying on those charitable souls at the parking office to rescind the fine as the circumstances were, in my view exceptional. 

Unfortunately it seems that those 'charitable souls' are not one for charity and unfortunately my appeal fell on deaf ears.  On the plus side however, it seems I have a new set of villains to write about.....lucky me:

Those charitable souls - down at parking control, with their cameras and watches and tickets
Skulk in the dark of the public car park and hide in the bushes and thickets
Like lions they'll wait if the victim is late, they'll pounce without mercy or pity
Then they'll gorge and they'll feast on the poor wildebeest, in manner described as "not pretty"

First attempt at a Plugmonster Wordsearch

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