Thursday, 19 August 2010

There's something wrong with Grandad

There’s something wrong with Grandad.

He’s acting rather strange.

He stumbles with a confused look

And doesn’t sound the same

It started at the weekend

He said that he was ill

He wouldn’t take his medicine,

Or wouldn’t take his pill

And now he’s on the landing,

With arms stretched out ahead,

With dripping blood around his lips

And scars across his head….

I didn’t meant to hit him,

But when he bit my Dad,

And took a chunk out of his arm

I thought he’s turning mad.

And now my dad is changing,

His skins gone rather grey,

He really smells of nasty meat

And doesn’t want to play

( Find out what happened to Grandad when Spooky Stories is published in the very near future)

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