Friday, 9 December 2011

Can you do this?

After the dissapointment of the teaching awards, Jim and I have decided to push ahead with the series of books regardless.  Given the speed that Jim can provide the illustrations, we should have half of the series completed pretty soon.  At the moment we are meeting during his dinner break each week and trading ideas on the choice of 'pallette' for the characters - the image above is just part of several that we are considering.

I have been given the first 45 key words that children learn to recognise in reception and another 100 that they are expected to know by the end of Y3.  Having to write using a restricted vocabulary is a skill in itself, but thankfully one I posses -  

I was a reading recovery assistant for a short period of time this year, and one thing I noticed that really used to wind me up is that Publishers are getting away with murder when it comes to producing educational reading books for KS1.

Both Jim and myself are intent on avoiding the same traps that others succumb to and are trying to create an  almost 'Seusslike' series of books instead of producing the same 2 dimensional rubbish that my daughter used to bring home when she first started to read. 

CAT     DOG    TORTOISE  etc

aaarrgh!!!!!  I am sure you must have seen them - they usually open with a small word like DOG and then without any consideration for the reader, they will throw in a word like TORTOISE and expect the child to be able to recognise the word just by showing a picture. I don't know about you but Tortoises are pretty rare where we live and it's really hard to be able to explain the difference between one and a picture of a Mutant Ninja Turtle. (except for the mask)

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