Tuesday, 6 May 2014

To Belly or not to Belly? That is the question.

Over the weekend my attention has turned to the design of the front page and which fonts to use where.  Apparently using Comic Sans is classed as a huge No No amongst the graphic design "Hoy Polloi" (Ancient Greek for "the many".)   I personally think it worked really well in the HPM and really wanted to use it in the PBC - but then again I never studied at Uni' and am probably missing out on something blatantly obvious. At the moment though - the font I am using for the titles is not as important as the nagging doubt in my mind about the title of the book.  

The Pot-bellied Cook and the Three-legged Dog.  

Technically there is nothing wrong with it as the cook has a Pot-belly and the dog only has the legs.  However I think the use of the words "bellied" and "legged" - (whilst grammatically correct) don't look right on the front cover; or elsewhere in the book for that matter and may appear too daunting to encourage anyone to pick up the book for the first time.

I tossed the phrase back and forth in my mind until a slight fizzle of inspiration led me to change the title to a more childish:

The Pot-belly Cook and the Three-leggy Dog.

This is obviously an incorrect use of the English language but to me it feels  more inviting and memorable for a child due to it's quirkiness.

I would be interested to know what everybody else thinks. 

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