Friday, 3 July 2009

The Hairy Plug Monster is here in the U.K (finally)

In all the excitement, I forgot to tell you that I received 200 books on Wednesday night from the printers.. and within two days I have managed to sell 19 copies, ( I know its not going to send Dr Seuss running to the hills just yet, but its a step in the right direction).

Better still, when I opened my email this morning I found my first review of the book.

Hi Leighroy

The book is fab! Will and Charlotte love it..

The Hairy Plug Monster, what can I say? This rhythmic story reminds me of the fantastic Julia Donaldson books. A story of Maya's adventure with this cute but hairy character, my 2 year old loves it and wants to read it "agen" and "agen".

Wonderful illustrations and so easy to read. Lets hope the Hairy Plug Monster and his new best friend Maya live to have more and more adventures!!

Keep up the fab work guys, you're stars in the making!

R.Hopwood Cheshire

Wow and wow again, another comparison to the "great" Julia Donaldson - excuse me a moment while I read it again..........

Ah that's feeling fairly invincible I set off with more copies of The Hairy Plug Monster in my bag to waylay unsuspecting parents at Maya's nursery only to be asked by the Nursery Head if she could buy a copy as well, after which I even sold one to David Dickinson's son (cheap as chips).

I loaned a couple of copies to Stockport Library Services who seemed quite impressed with the book, but had to submit it before a committee before they could sanction any purchase. I will know in two weeks what they decide, but remain more than optimistic. I think the plan is to conquer Stockport, then the regions around it before taking it to county and national level

We had a reply from a printer in India who could print the HPM for a lot less than its costing us now and has a portfolio of clients that anyone would be proud of. There is also a printer in Wales who I am planning to visit next week to show him the book and get a comparative quote.

This is going to be a long blog but one where we all live happily ever after.


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  1. We love the hairy plug monster...My son George cant read...but loves the rhythm of the 11 year old thinks its great ...i loved the humour ....we have recommended it to anyone we have come across...fab...cant wait for the next one.