Thursday, 16 July 2009

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We’ve ran out of biscuits
and chocolate éclairs
Dad called up to Maya
From the foot of the stairs

Get your coat and your hat
And we’ll walk into town
We can do all the shopping
While mum's not around

Maya looked at her toys
At the foot of the bed
Can I bring a friend
Maybe dolly or Ted?

Yes replied Dad
As he stood in the hall
If you like, grab your bag
And you can - bring them all

So she picked up her bag
That was hung from her bed
Then In went the dolly
And in went her Ted

She went to the bathroom
And yelled in the plug
Would you like to go shopping
With me - Glug, Glug Glug

The hairy plug monster
Popped out of the tap
Wearing stripy pyjamas
And an old swimming cap

He hopped in the bag
And they went down the stairs
To pop to the shops
For more chocolate eclairs

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  1. can't wait 'til it comes out! karon xx