Monday, 4 October 2010

It's easier to see the Wizard of Oz, than it is to get a booking at a school

Now that the schools have settled down a bit, I started a new promotional campaign to get as many readings in as possible.  Unfortunately, getting an email passed the Admin Office at schools is like trying to book an appointment to see the Wizard of Oz.

Sometimes if I'm lucky I will get to at least be able to find out the real names of the people who I need to contact, but quite a lot of the admin staff that I have come across just ask me to send the email directly to "them" and "they" will make sure that the right person gets it....

But how would they know?,

....but then again I expect that they get thousands of emails every week  from people like me, all wanting access to the school - and the various opportunities that it presents..

So if any of the readers of this blog do happen to work in the Admin office at a school, please look out for me at least.

The rest of the week has been spent looking for a job, but alas I am still what they tend to call a "struggling writer".. 

The only success I have had recently is for a possible position that isn't happening until at least April 2011 and even then there are probably still a few hundred candidates going for it.  Similarly, I took an online assessment test to become a Census Coordinator, but even if I am successful, I am not needed until roughly the same time as the other job..( which I am not going to mention by name at this stage).

We didn't make the long list for the UKLA 2011 which surprised me in a way, I thought The Hairy Plug Monster would do well and the exposure would have been marvellous....however the idea of running a marathon dressed as the HPM is really starting to appeal to me...I am bound to get on T.V. and at the same time can raise some money for charity...the hard part it seems is running 26 miles all in one go, but after seeing how many people compete in the London Marathon it cant be that hard.....can it?

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