Sunday, 24 October 2010

Golden Arm is the most entertaining poem written for children......ever, at least 3500 children agree with me

Another spectacular week in the world of the Hairy Plug Monster and Friends, kicked off with my invitation to St Joseph and St Bede's Primary School in Bury on Monday usual I got lost on the way and arrived with just minutes to spare.

With the aid of a cup of tea, I managed to regain my composure and set about preparing for the first reading to a combined Y1 group.  I used to get nervous when I performed in front of classes but over the last year I have managed to integrate lots of little bits into my "act", encouraging audience participation and building up the atmosphere using "Golden Arm" as a finale - which again didn't fail to scare the socks off them.  I was allocated a room for the day and with each year group, I included the other stories such as "Miss Carr's Pies" and "Commander-in-Chief of the World".  As the final Y6 group came in I cast my inhibitions and read the two Zombie specials, " There's Something Wrong with Grandad" and for the very first time "Zombelina".  Again it seems I misjudged children's appetite for more gruesome stories, as they loved it.  Even the teachers enjoyed the sad sorry tale of the Toymaster and his daughter.  It does help though when you have "Golden Arm" to finish on, and seeing as no one else wants to blow my trumpet, I may as well do it myself...

Golden Arm IS the most entertaining poem written for children ....ever.
It was a fantastic day, with a lot of books being sold and a very appreciative school making me feel very much at home. 

I had an email from the Windows Project, who requested that I pay them a visit in Liverpool sometime soon and also if I could include them in my next school visit for "assessment". 

The rest of the week was spent finalising the first of three pieces of music for the film - Rough and Ready, and again I didn't fail to deliver the goods.  The only thing that's missing at the moment is a steady flow of income, to pay for all this.....but I keep telling myself that it IS only a matter of time.

Thankfully everybody else seems to agree with me...

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