Friday, 6 August 2010

The Pot Bellied Cook and The Three Legged Dog

The Pot Bellied Cook and the Three Legged Dog


In an old wooden tavern, quite close to a bog

Lives a pot bellied cook and a three legged dog

He spends all his days making green smelly cheese

While the three legged dog sits and scratches his fleas

High up in a tower, lives the Old Purple Gint

Who drinks nothing but smoothies of onion and mint

She grows all her food in a pair of old boots

And makes soap from the juice of the dandelion root

But cook wasn’t happy to live all alone

He wanted to share the green cheese in his home

So he closed up the tavern and set foot outside

With his three legged dog he looked for a bride

To the Old Purple Gint in the tower he strolled

With some cheese in a sock, feeling ever so bold

He called from the ground to the window above

And proclaimed from his knees his intentions of love.

“My darling, my sugar, my sweetheart, my dear

I have lived all alone for so many a year

I have come to ask you, would you marry me please

And stand by my side with my dog and his fleas”

The Gint just stood silent, as stiff as a rock

Then she gazed at the cook and his green smelly sock

“I will be your wife” , was her short sharp reply

“If you bring me the shoes from the Snufflebug fly”

(Find out what happens to the Pot Bellied Cook and  the The Legged Dog in 2011)


  1. Absolutely brilliant Leighroy, loved it, but alas no kids, but brought a smile to my face when i read it, so at least i am happy tonight.

    Paul Samborski

  2. Really enjoyed this one Leigh !!


  3. hahaha, that was brilliant....

  4. Very funny, Alex asks am I the cook? Ha Ha!