Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm in the mood for chancing

We had a stroke of luck today - one of my former clients when I was a garden designer also happens to be a presenter on the UK t.v. show Loose Women. (which I must confess I haven't seen) - Anyway to make a short story long, before I wanted to be a writer I have always wanted to be a "pop star", so whilst working at their house, I used to constantly talk about my life as a musician to her husband, who was also a very good guitarist.

Me being very shallow saw it as another opportunity, but needless to say they didn't seem that impressed and to tell you the truth I cant blame them. I did email them later to say that I have got a record contract and that I had also written The Hairy Plug Monster and could I borrow their publisher.

However today, I got an email out of the blue asking whether I could stand in as a temporary keyboard player for one of the projects that the guitarist is working on, which I naturally agreed to.

What a result, I get to go and play music, as a favour for him and at the same time get a chance to show the book. As luck would have it their young daughter had her four friends round and being part of the target market I asked if I could give the book a test drive.

So there I found myself, sat in the back room, reading to a group of young children in the home of a celebrity whose face seems to be on the front cover of every magazine. The best thing was, the kids really loved The Hairy Plug Monster.... and I get to do a gig.

They did ask for a copy, but as I didn't have any to give, I said I would get a signed copy to them in exchange for a review, which to me seems a very good trade.......I have seven days to learn how to play 8 new I will let you know how the gig goes.

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