Thursday, 25 June 2009

Virtually Famous? The Hairy Plug Monster is still wrapped in swaddling clothes

As I described in a previous blog, the process of getting a book in print is rather like a pregnancy, 9 months of waiting and telling people until finally its born. Ironically the first month after the birth is very much the same. The Hairy Plug Monster is there on the shelves but hasn't really developed - friends and family have all been to visit,

"Ah" they say "well done", "good show" and then that's about it, not that I expected much more - but like a proud dad, you want everything all at once.

Considering that there is a global recession on, I am surprised that the queries I have sent out to get The Hairy Plug Monster printed elsewhere have remained unanswered. I do however have an old acquaintance in Macedonia who is in the printing business, and promised to get a quote over to me. The friend in question Dimitiri also speaks about 6 different languages and offered to do the translation in his native tongue, I have also had offers from Germany, Russia and Spain and a possible Punjabi contact as well, which has made me think of the viability of converting the book into an E-book and having no publishing cost at all, whilst being able to offer it in as many languages as possible.

Волосистой плагина чудовище apparently in Russian, whilst Die haarige Monster Plug would be preferred by our German friends.

وقد شعر لسد الوحش in Arabic but I am just going to have to take their word for it
毛狀插件怪物 would be a Chinese variant... sorry I am getting carried away now

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